Saturday, October 25, 2008


Here is the "Annabelle" Parlee Pockets made for a little girl's pink and green room!

Here he is...Dalton

This is Dalton and a great example of what we can make for a boys room!

The mother to be LOVED it!

Dalton is not here yet-but when he is, we will post some photos of him and the organizer in his room!

Go to to order one just like "Dalton" or similar!


Here she is....Reese

Here is the first one we made and we can make it for you too!

Girls get -Bows

Boys get -buttons and knots

Go to and order her or one similar to this!

If you come up with one in colors we have not done...we will name it after you (or that special someone it is for!)

We look forward to making one specifically for you!


The beginning of Parlee Pockets

Here we are.....2 stay at home moms looking for a little extra money!

I,Jennifer - am a wife and mother of a 14 month old little boy, Parker.

Samantha is a wife and mother to a 6 month old little girl, Marlee.

We were teachers in the past and have taken our creativity to a whole new level!

What is a Parlee Pocket?

Parlee (named after our 2 kids (Parker & Marlee) (originally -was an over the door shoe pocket organizer.) Becomes what we create /decorate the outside of the boring organizer with material and ribbons to match the room it will go in!

It can be hung on the wall or over a door!

Once we decorate it for the specific room, it becomes a styling organizer for you!

How it all started:

We got together one afternoon to make a babyshower gift for a cousin of mine!

Once we made it, we shared it with a few friends and they got some for their kids.

We also had orders coming in for some new expecting moms!

So here we are, starting our own little business.

Not sure that we will ever get rich & famous, or be on Oprah-but we sure appreciate the extra money we make on the side.

Ultimately, this organizer is perfect for ANY room in the house.

It is perfect for the nursery, to fit all those (must have baby shoes), socks , hats etc.

We have made 4 and would LOVE to have the next ones be for you.

How to get one for you or that perfect needed gift:

You can order them online at

We also take personal orders at

We look forward to sharing this creative journey with all our readers.

We are working on one that we will be giving away soon!

So come back here and see how you can get it!