About Parlee Pockets

Parlee Pockets are custom made organizers that are specifically designed for your look. We make each one for a specific  room or space needing an adorable, creative or even an elegant look! Therefore, we do not keep a stock of pre-made Parlee Pockets. But, we do keep stock of the fabric & ribbons for future orders.

The 14 pocket Parlee is 36ft (length) x 22 in (width).

  • The horizontal pockets (top of the 14 pocket organizer) are 10 in (length) x 5 in (width).
  • The vertical (12 remaining) pockets are 7& 1/2 in (length) x 4& 1/2 in(width).
The 12 pocket Parlee is 26 (length) x 22 (width).

  • All 12 pockets are 7&1/2 (length) x 4 & 1/2(width).

We love making Parlee Pockets for anyone who needs some "decorative" organization!

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